The seabed of Elba represents a huge source of surprises for all passionate snorkelers and divers.
Imposing walls that drop for ten or so metres, rocky banks jutting from the sandy seabed, rocks crumbling away in the distance: the diving sites on the island are made up of different natural environments and guarantee we can plan courses and excursions which are both fun and a true learning experience.
The multi-level dive is surely the best choice for most of the sites and allows you to adapt the diving experience to your needs.
The seabed is brimming with sponges, bryozoa, stars, sea urchins, and the ravines are peppered with crustaceans, squids, and burrow fish, and clusters of damselfish, diplodus, salema, bogue often keep divers company.
Divers also often encounter groupers, congers, barracudas, greater fork beards and sometimes, if they’re really luck, they can also meet sea eagles swimming by, rays, and moon fish.
The walls peppered with huge gorgonias offer a unique spectacle and shouldn’t be missed. And the lovers of macrophotography can delight in snapping pictures of every kind of nudibranches.

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